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A Self-Portrait - By Ashwin Prayaga (2012)

by Ohmkaram Members on 03/09/23

This painting was one I created when I was in 5th grade 3 years ago, at Twin Chimneys Elementary School in O’ Fallon.  This was a special painting that was made a lot differently than usual.  There are a number of steps a person would have to take to make it.  First, you would have to take a photo of yourself and print it.  You would then place tracing paper over the printed photo and trace the important features (like the hair, the face, the eyes, etc.). Then you project the image on to a wall with a projector. Draw the outlines of the enlarged image on a larger piece of paper, suitable for painting, placed on the wall.  You would then paint the paper according to how you would like your portrait to be.  When painting, make sure you don’t take too much paint on the paint brush, otherwise the paint could spread where you want a different color.  If you don’t like what you made, you could always try something.